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Network Marketing Mastermind Event #9
“Where Leaders Are Born!”

Network Marketing Mastermind Event
Orlando, FL | November 1-3, 2013

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Dear Colleague,

Eight times it has taken place. Eight times aspiring leaders traveled from all over the globe. And eight times, new leaders were born.

Will YOU be next?

Will you be the next person to breakthrough limiting beliefs and step into your own as a top leader in the network marketing profession?

The rewards are simply stunning…

Yes there are the big bonus checks, luxury bonus cars, trips to exotic locations, dream homes, flying First Class, shopping at designer boutiques, and the usual goodies. But it’s also about being free…

No boss, no alarm clock, no time clock, no rush hour traffic, and no one telling you what to do. It means waking up each day when you’re finished sleeping, and having a world of possibilities.

But it’s more than even that…

Being a top producer in our profession means a chance to give back, support the charities and causes that are important to you, and helping the less fortunate.

It also means the pride and joy that can only come from helping others live their dreams. Watching your team grow and develop, reach their own breakthroughs and work their way to being free as well.

That’s what we’re talking about. Moving from success to significance.

That’s what’s up!

Because that’s what being a leader in this amazing profession of Network Marketing actually means. And that’s what the Network Marketing Mastermind Event is about. It’s where leaders are born.

We’ve done eight of these amazing, generic events for the profession, and they get better each time. We attract the best and brightest people from around the world, who are committed to learning new skills, developing deeper relationships, building stronger belief, and elevating the profession. This is where leaders and aspiring leaders come to sharpen their own saw, so they can go back home and lead even better.

This year event founder Art Jonak and the Mastermind team have expanded to a HUGE resort in... Orlando! Yes, exciting ORLANDO! We will be hosting top leaders from Network Marketing companies all over the world. This will be the largest, most prestigious, and important generic event in the profession for all of 2013!

Here’s a sampling of some of the living legends, icons of the profession, uber-leaders and rising stars who are already confirmed to deliver presentations:

Presenting the Mastermind Event "MLM Rock Star" Faculty
Click here to read their bios or click on a presenter's photo
to pull up information about each presenter.

Randy Gage
From minimum wage dishwasher at a pancake house to 7-figure annual earner and #1 earning distributor worldwide in his company.


Orrin Woodward
Fills stadiums with 12,000+ of his team members every four months, multiple 7-figure annual earner and #1 earning distributor in his company.


Jordan Adler
Mr. Beach Money: From $14,000 a year to 7-figure annual earner and #1 earning distributor in his company.


Sarah Robbins
From kindergarten teacher to 7-figure annual earner, #1 earning distributor with over $100 million in annual sales.


Ken Seto
From $300,000+ in debt to earning 7-figures a year and becoming the #1 earning distributor in his company.


Mike Potillo
Multi-millionaire nework marketer, from $40 million in sales in 2011 to over $400 million in sales in 2013.


Andi Duli
From broke immigrant, no english and no network to #2 income earner with $30 million in yearly sales.


Orjan Saele
Earned $10 million by age 30 and is now a 7-figure annual earner and #1 distributor in his company.


Hilde Saele
From pre-law to 7-figures a year in network marketing income.


Chris Brady
From engineer to 7-figure annual earning network marketing rascal.


Wes Linden
From University drop-out to enjoying over 50 holidays in the last five years.


Tom "Big Al" Schreiter
From two years of MLM failure
to over a Billion dollars in sales.


Dana Collins
From a corporate career path to
multi-millionaire network marketer!


Ann Feinstein
From a Park Avenue consulting firm to building a multi-million dollar team.


Richard 'Bliss' Brooke
From chicken factory worker to Network Marketing CEO on the cover of Success Magazine.


Eugene Hong
From successful restaurant entrepeneur
to Million Dollar Club member and #1 income earner in his company!


Justin Harrison
From bankrupcy and struggle to
$25 million a month in team sales.


Jerry Scribner
From construction to top 10 in a $840+ million network marketing company.


Bob Quintana
The #2 income earner in his company with over 100,000 customers in his organization.


Art Jonak
And finally... your host for the Network Marketing Mastermind Event!


This year also will feature breakout sessions where you can take Master Classes in:

• How to Meet People
• Working a Candidate List
• Power Inviting
• Making Compelling Presentations

There will also be some new thought-provoking sessions with expert debate and the “contrarian cafe” that will expand your thinking in a big way.

Plus, there will be an exhibit hall, networking lunches, a special presentation skills competition on Saturday night, a Mastermind “tweet-up” and lots of other surprises.

Now if all this sounds like something that’s important to you, then this is the event for you.

We've pulled out all the stops to ensure you receive the most relevant, powerful, and intense training yet. It's exactly what you need to build in today's economy

Ticket prices are never going to be lower than they are right now. As you get closer to the event, the price goes up. So get your tickets today...

What separates the Mastermind Event
from all the other seminars out there?

Great question. Frankly, there are a many great seminars out there (and even a few generic network marketing seminars). There are six things that make the Mastermind Event different from the other types of seminars and workshops you could attend:

1. The caliber of people who attend this event.

Frankly, many of the people attending this event could be (and often are) the faculty at other events! Many of our attendees are proven leaders with huge, world-class organizations of their own. The opportunity to network with others at this event is simply second to none. There is a good chance that the person you are sitting next to during the sessions, or having lunch with is already earning $5,000, $10,000 or even $30,000 a month!

You'll have lunches, dinners, and even a giant super-networking social event on Friday night. (Not to mention the private dinner with the Masters available with the VIP package.) The contacts you make can serve you a lifetime. You simply will not find such a high-level group to network with at an ordinary seminar or workshop.


2. The nature of the event.

At most events, the presenters are telling you the “politically correct” and sanitized version of the truth. Because this is a closed-door event, you'll get the real story.

You'll have access to the best and brightest the profession has to offer, in an environment that fosters disclosure. Between their individual sessions and the panel discussions, you'll learn the good stuff that never gets said at your company convention.


3. All the information revealed is tested, proven and network marketing specific.

This is NOT some general goal setting workshop, some silly Rally where you are shouting slogans and standing on the chairs, or a feel-good Retreat where you are going to sing Kum-Bay-Ah. This is NOT about 'non-duplicatable' SEO marketing wizardry, or internet-marketers trying to be sneaky by back-ending 'wiz-bang-go-bust' packages to network marketers, or even the 'sponsor 12,345 people on your frontline with a click of a button' non-sense.

This program is not for tennis pros, retail store managers, or real estate salespeople. It is exactly and completely dedicated to front line leaders in the Network Marketing profession. The presenters you hear have decades of real experience in the business. They are the true uncontested MLM Masters.

They speak your language, and they know the issues you are facing right now. They have been through company closings, economic ups and downs, dropouts, over-zealous government regulators, no shows, negative publicity, and product recalls. Someone on the faculty has the answer to all the challenges you have now.


4. Content not infomercials.

There's nothing worse than attending an event, only to have to sit through speaker after speaker spending most of their allotted time pitching you on their audio albums, $500 an hour mentoring programs (some people promote such programs who have not even built a long-term network marketing business, don't get me started!), continuity programs, etc. Unlike other events, our faculty members are not here to give you 90-minute infomercials to buy their CD programs.

Of course we will have an event store offering you the tremendous books, CDs and other resources from our esteemed faculty. We'd have a riot on our hands if we didn't. But those resources will be there for those that want them. The presenters won't spend half their session promoting them. We figure you are big kids, and you can make your own decisions.


5. Spanish. French. Slovakian. More!

YES! Live language interpretation will be available!

All Mastermind Event presentations will be in English, however we alos have LIVE simultatenous language interpretation available in Spanish, French and Slovakian. Interpretation available via headsets that can be comfortably worn in the main event ballroom. Click here for more details >>

More languages? If your group has has any additional language needs (other then Spanish, French or Slovakian), please let us know. Click here for more details >>


6. Your Group is Safe Here.

It should go without saying (but won't), that this event is totally generic.

We won't be endorsing or promoting any specific companies. We will only be teaching you and your people how to succeed better with YOUR program.

So feel free to bring along your leaders, and the people you want to develop into leaders. Just check your flipcharts at the door!


7. It's a FIRST CLASS learning, networking, and growth experience.

The location, production, and program were all chosen to provide you the best learning experience possible. Who feels like learning when an event is in a budget hotel with no restaurant, and the hot water runs out? Every detail of this event is choreographed to provide you a rich, powerful and lucrative experience.

You are making a serious investment of both time and money. We take that responsibility seriously. You won't find a better event investment in terms of what you can learn, who you will network with, and the fun and fellowship you'll experience. (Along with some special surprises!)

Your chance is now. The previous Mastermind Events completely sold out, leaving many people disappointed.

Please. Don't miss out. Get one of the remaining spaces before they are all gone. Get one of the remaining spaces before they are all gone. Order your ticket online here and lock in your spot, or call us at 1-281-944-5950.

If you're one of the lucky few to attend, you'll learn how to prospect easier, learn where the really good prospects are, presentation secrets, and insider tips to duplicate faster.

Want a VIP Package?

That includes preferred seating, private talks from the faculty, and exclusive private dinner the evening before and lots of other perks. There are a few of these options available.

Click here if you’re interested in the VIP Package.

I hope to see you in Orlando this year... at the Network Marketing Mastermind Event!

Art Jonak
Founder, Network Marketing Mastermind Event
CEO, Network Professionals

P.S. In a challenging economy like this, there are tremendous opportunities for growth in our business. But only for the leaders who understand that this is a time to invest in your business, hone your skills, and take massive action. I hope you're one of them. Click here to register and take advantage of the "Insider Advance Discount."

P.P.S. Want to really dial up your bonus check? Notify you key leaders about and make sure they get registered for the event!

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